Room Temperature or Rh Mapping study is a process to study and analyze the temperature distribution inside a room. This is mainly applicable for pharma industry for storage of medicines. We carry out temperature mapping study for storage areas and vehicles used for storage and transportation of temperature sensitive goods.
Airotrack Cleantech Solutions provides  temperature mapping service tailored solution designed for a wide range of storage and transportation environment. Regulation requires that you are able to demonstrate products are being stored in a suitable environment through reporting of the mapping process as well as actions based upon the findings. 
In order to carry out a temperature mapping study, we have to record the temperature inside the area for a certain period continuously. We can do this by using Temperature Data Loggers. We will place the data logger inside the closed area at various places, shelves etc. We will collect the data for a couple of days or weeks depending on the type of asset and application. After downloading the data, we analyze the same for various conditions to generate the results of the mapping study. As a thumb rule, for areas such as a warehouse with a wide temperature range, we place one Data Logger for every 10 cubic meters. For areas such as cold rooms with a narrow temperature range, we place one data logger for every 5 cubic meters. 
All data loggers will start recording simultaneously and the recording continues for a predetermined period. For a cold room, the data collection will be for 4-6 days. The data collection period will be 7-14 days for a warehouse. There is no need to carry out the study for a very long period. During a particular climatic season, the inside behaviour remains almost constant. So if the study is carried out for a couple of days, it will give an indication of the general behaviour. It is ideal to include a couple of working days and at least one holiday.